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  • Kenneth Taylor says:

    I would like to verify that I ‘m registered ot vote.

  • keith thomas says:


  • candace putman says:

    voted in Centerville Ohio this morning, polls opened ontime at Centerville High School in Centerville, Ohio but out of the 11 or so machines, 4 machines were not working causing me to stand in line for 1 hour before I voted.

  • Cheri says:

    It is reported in Ohio, that the President Barack Obama is at the BOTTOM of the list of names for President. Mitt Romney is first, followed by the Green Party candidate etc. The President of the US is just before the write-in candidate line! Be aware and go to the bottom of the names for President if you are looking for our President’s name.

  • Erin says:

    Tampa polling site (near jail) lights just shut off

  • Maryline Laroche says:

    Dear Ken,
    I’ve listened to you on the Tom Joyner show and I want to be part of the fight for the next election in helping getting some state to do the right about ex-felons being able to vote. It is not fair that they paid their debt to society but still have restrictions for something so basic and important as their right to vote. This subject has laid heavily on my mind. This fight can start today for the next election. I live in Florida, one of the biggest contributors dealing with ex-felons this way. I look forward to hearing form you. Keep up the great work!!!

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