As the 2012 presidential campaign begins to heat up, we are about to enter a very dynamic period in this
country’s history that calls upon all of us to make sure we’re informed and engaged. There are already
indications that state legislations are passing new laws that will negatively impact us, particularly AfricanAmericans
and Latinos.

With that in mind, the NAACP and the National Urban League are reaching out to you to join us as a
partner to promote the 1-866-MY-VOTE-1 Voter Empowerment Hotline. In 2008, this valuable tool
helped register nearly 100,000 voters and received more than 300,000 calls from everyday citizens who
wanted to get voter registration forms, find their polling place or report irregularities at polling places.

As a partner, you can actively promote this number to your constituencies at no cost. You’ll be included in
all the national marketing and media outreach of the hotline. It’s quite simple: Our goal is to register record
numbers of new voters, and to make sure that everyone is properly registered by the time November 2012
arrives, and throughout the election season closely monitor any incidents that are preventing citizens the
chance to vote.


This is our time to take the lead, to take charge of our own destinies. As a unified force, the 1-866MyVOTE1
Voter Empowerment Hotline arms us with a powerful tool that will continue to take this nation

Contact us via email at to say, “Yes, sign us up as a 1-866MyVOTE1
Voter Empowerment Hotline partner.”


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